Cliniko API and Google Sheets

Hi just wondering if anyone has integrated google sheets with the cliniko api using a script. I can get log responses but as of this moment I can’t get very useful data. Would love some insight on how you got it going?

Looking to run some dashboards off the data.

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I think I have found a workaround although not completely ideal. Having my dashboard run an r script to first check for the date of the current exported cliniko sheet on google sheets (using export function) . Then send a request (using an r script) to gather recent data. Then finally append the current sheet. Not ideal but very close to working.

Hi @Pat_Slattery, if you’re working with our API, you may want to check out our Developers’ API Group, if you’re not already in that. That would be a good place to chat directly with the development team and go over any specific questions!