Cliniko and mailchimp

Hi I have never used mailchimp before and I am a bit nervous about it. I have a practice database of over 7000 and will want to send emails to different people at different times. How do you decide who to send emails too? ie can you chose all of the people with last name beginning with A or all patients who have not been in for a year or do I have to email everyone each time?

Great question @jorugbyosteopaths! When you’re creating a campaign within MailChimp, they will give you the option to select which audience/patients you’ll send to:

You can even set specific conditions to automatically group or segement your patients!

Including a way to create a group based on anyone with the “Last Name Begining with A”:

You can also use any of the following merge fields to create any additional groups you want:

Here is additional information on creating campaigns with MailChimp but let us know if you have any additional questions.

Hey @jorugbyosteopaths the mailchimp support team (if you have a paid account) are awesome at helping too! Don’t hesitate to hit them up with questions as you go along through the process :slight_smile: