Clients' Remaining Credits by Date


Hi there,

We’re having a bit of an issue to extract the data of how much prepaid credits are left for our patients without having to manually check each individual client.

We have had individuals who pre-pay for their treatments with us, but may have either left the country or have recovered but prefer to keep the balance in their credits in case they need follow-up treatments later on.

The problem we have is that accounting wise, these un-utilised credits are placed as “liabilities” and we are unable to properly consider them as sales. We may also risk declaring a double sale, when they return a couple of months later and we actually invoice them for the treatments.

Is there a way to export the balance credits remaining for each client in our system together with their last appointment date? This would be very helpful!


This would be a really helpful feature for us too!


Hey, Keith!!

We got you covered. Head over to Settings -> Data Exports and export your patient list. Use the anytime to anytime date field to grab all of your patients. This will give you an Excel file that has both the last appointment and the account credit they have on file plus a ton of other info. If the account credit field is blank it means 0.
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Cliniko Support


Hey Bart,

Just following up from your advice. I did manage to churn out the data needed and it was fantastic!

The wonders of modern technology!