Client Split & Categories

Hi Guys,

I use Clinko for my audiology business and love it. I want to do a few things depending on the customer.

I want to differentiate my customers.

Some customers are one off customers for example people who need Ear wax Removal. They come get the procedure done and will never be seen again until needed.

Other customers have high value such as customers who buy hearing aids from me. They need to be seen every 6 months or a year. I want to know how I categorise them so I can easily access them as a group… Why?

I want to make sure I have everyone of those customers easy to find and be able to see if they have no forward appointment in the diary. Our business benefits hugely from customer upgrades and the only way we can do this is by managing the customers who have bought hearing aids and treating them differently.

I want to be able to run a report for these customer only so I can single them out and loom at them and their forward history as a group.

any ideas?

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Hi @steve_ross. In the absence of a better solution, could Appointment Type and Category be used to differentiate between the two?

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Hi @steve_ross , we have many tools for this at We might be able to help you. Have a chat with us for a demo.