Client online re-scheduling or editing of appointments

Would be a great addition in the current climate for the ability for clients to re-schedule / edit their appointment online. At present they can only delete an appointment. This will save valuable time having to contact the client or go back and forth with emails to move an appointment time/date.


I agree. It seems such a basic feature that I’m truly surprised that Cliniko - the sleekest of all the systems, in my opinion, especially the super geeks that make it all possible - does not already offer this.

This facility has become more urgent, now that online payments in advance are becoming more the norm. If my client books a session and pays for it via Stripe, then realises he needs to change it, all he can currently do is cancel it and book another. This currently means he’ll get automatically charged twice (if it’s set up for advance payment only) as Cliniko does not store that first payment as a credit, rather as a complete invoice for the first booking, hence it sees no relationship between the payment and the re-arranged )actually brand new) booking and will not automatically allocate it, or at least have it as credit so that I can allocate it when he attends his appt.

I’m no techy wizzkid but I have a feeling that, in order for the payment already made to become available and allocated against the newly arranged appointment, the payment needs to be a credit and the appointment needs to be re-scheduled (like when we do it for the client ourselves, by dragging and dropping or editing the appt) so that the linked payment/credit also gets pulled across.


Yes would be a good feature improvement. Also when an existing client books it should be a little simpler. There is a lot of information to enter

Yes would be nice for full address info for a new client and only name, email and mobile for existing clients.

agree with the above