Class pass management

Can I ask all Cliniko users to put in a request for class pass management system similar to others like nookal/ jayneapp etc (we need to use acuity for clients to buy packages to run pilates in addition to Cliniko for physio) , thank everyone :pray:


This would be useful. We have to take payment in bulk, add as a credit and then use cases to work out which session they are on. It is frustrating that people can’t purchase more than one class when booking online as well.


YES PLEASE!!! We have patients attending two different types of classes at different prices and it is a nightmare trying to keep track of them!!! We’ve tried using cases but it is not satisfactory.

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Excellent idea!

The group classes functionality on Cliniko is definitely lacking compared to other leading diary management providers.

  • very difficult to send group class messages
  • difficult to send directed emails to pilates only people
  • ability to buy a class pass of 10 sessions, that can be tracked depending on how many sessions people have attended
  • online booking set up is a difficult and cumbursome for different class times
  • class attendance record needs a work around instead of being integrated

I’m sure there’s more but can’t think of others at the moment.


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Absolutely agree.
I would like to sell blocks of classes and then people can book their own class online, which would be deducted from their account.
I looked at the current system, but from the client perspective, it is clunky and requires quite a lot of management from our side to balance things.
It would be AMAZING to have a better process.


Agree with all of the comments. We pay to use Mindbody alongside CKO to manage our Pilates classes which keeps everything seperate and a far from ideal customer journey!
We use credit and cases but it is labour intensive and still difficult to keep track. Thank you

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