Class appointment bookings

Is there a way I can block off a time or set up class times on my online booking page? Which will allow 10 people to book a place?

Also is there a way cliniko can be set up to allow a patient to purchase a block of classes and will recognise this purchase as credits when the patient books a class?

Hey there!

This guide will get you started on how to set up your group appointment times:

While we don’t have any way for the patient to purchase the block of classes while booking online, you can record that purchase as account credit. This guide will go into the details of that one.

Many thanks Jim,

Can I ask another question?

Is there a way when people click to book online that the calendar will take them directly to the next “class” / group event date?

My next event is in April and when I test the booking the calendar will bring me to today and I have to manually scroll through to April to book an event ticket.

There’s not, though that’s a fair suggestion.

We’ve made that calendar more obvious when the month has no free bookings, so while it may be a nuisance for now, hopefully no one is giving up on those bookings.

We’ll take the feature request on board though!