Clarity in Online Booking Calendar

As we have got much busier lately, we often do not have any treatments available in the current week or following week. More and more regularly now, as a result, our clients are arriving a week early thinking they booked this week when they actually booked next week. This was happening too frequently to be just clients error, so we looked at the booking system to see. The current day is highlighted with a light thin line around it and the first day available for booking is highlighted with a dark black box, really standing out from the page. This is misleading people to think that the black box is today and the paled out boxes preceding it are in the past, rather than fully booked.

Please Cliniko can you review the design here as it is misleading people and causing frustration and stress to them arriving a week early and interrupting clients we have on the day? We have no receptionist, so will only answer when we are expecting someone.