Children's apointments under parent's name

It would be great if there was a special option for booking children’s appointments so that the confirmation and reminder emails were addressed to the parent and the mail chimp intergration also showed the parent’s name rather than the child’s.

Would putting the parent’s name in preferred names solve this issue for me? Would that mean that all communication would be addressed to the preferred name? Would this automatically update into mailchimp?


Not sure if this will help you @Tracy33 but I know there is an option to do group bookings on Cliniko - perhaps you would use this for booking families so parent can have email address on their patient file but don’t include email address on the kids patient file?
Here’s a how-to link: Book patients into group appointments | Cliniko Help

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I’ve also raised this issue with Cliniko before! As I think it’s a issue as the majority of my clients are kids!

@Tracy33 I have been solving this issue, by putting the child’s parent name in Occupation, and then using that ‘place filler’ for emails - it’s a pain, as I have to use the same for my adults, so their name also goes in occupation (I just post occupation info elsewhere in notes), but given the majority of my caseload is paediatrics this was the best way to get around the issue for me!

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Hi, I think one solution for SMSs would be for Cliniko to 1) generate an option in the Patient Details > Contact Information > Add phone number with the pull-down menu having the option of parent/guardian (at the moment it just provides Home, work, mobile etc). 2) Make this an option for the receiving of SMS.
I think one solution for Emails would be for Cliniko to 1) generate another email dialogue box in the Patient Details > Contact Information, and have this earmarked for parent/guardian 2) Make this an option for the receiving of emails.

Agreed that this is a challenge for Paediattic practices, like mine too. Please Cliniko, make this easier!