Check video and audio settings before call within setings tab

Hey team cliniko,

I had a problem today accessing my video call but went through diagnostics with Dara (genious), which solved the problem.

Basically i tried logging in half hour before the call to check the settings but wasn’t able to. Then a few mins before the call it came up with a message saying couldn’t connect to camera.

I’ve been using 3 different cameras on my computer (DSLR with capture card/ integrated laptop camera and external webcam) but the system had defaulted to a camera that wasn’t even connected.

It turned out that the only way of changing this was to plug in the defaulted camera and then i could click on the cog and change the camera back to the one i wanted to use.

Basically out of this convo, i suggested it would be useful to have the ability to check video and audio settings within the cliniko settings tab. Much like zoom allows you to go in and switch cameras/ audio etc. before making a call - rather than only being able to do this once you’re on a call. That would mean you could check your settings/ test the mircrophone works and check the quality of video link etc. whenever you wanted.

Just an idea.

Thanks again for all the help.

Telehealth is a life saver.