Check in for existing patients that don't have an appointment but to use the gym

We would love for fingerink to allow check in’ s of patients that are in the database but don’t have an appointment that use our gym unattended. We need to keep a record of who attends from a legal perspective, particularly if they are a workers comp patient. Currently we do this manually with a piece of paper. It would be great if it was possible for the patient to sign in under a gym attendance appointment and that way it is automatically logged in the system. Taking it one step further it would be even better if that could then deduct a use of their credit for gym use.


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Hey Lisa, you probably need to @Finger-Ink to get their attention here :ok_hand:

Hey Hagen thanks for the ping! Lisa’s already been in touch. I suggested she reach out to others to see if anyone was in the same situation — hence this post.

So I guess the question here is — does anyone else operate like this?

Thanks for thinking of us though :heart:.


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Yes please Brendan =)

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