Changing practitioner availability in advance

It’ll be great if we could change practitioners availability AS OF A SPECIFIC DATE, rather then only edit it with immediate effect.

Whenever there’s a permanent change in practitioners days or hours (including new starters, leavers, and changed days of work), we have to add and remove availability manually for the weeks ahead, as we need the availability to be known in advance but there’s no way of changing it without it affecting the current diary.
Please help! :pray:t2:


Agree, this would be very useful. Also when adding new availability, it should not change the diary for the past.


Thank you Angie, yes I second that about previous appointments.
This can really confuse reporting on practitioner capacity.
It should just be a change as of a specific date.

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This would be great. Like you I’m having to change a practitioners diary manually for up to 2 months ahead until we physically reach the date their hours change!