Changes to where you can choose what shows up on PDFs of invoices, payments, and account statements

Certain invoice and payment settings have moved—but not very far! :point_right:

Previously, if you wanted to add extra information to invoices (such as specific contact or banking information), those additions would be made in the Invoice settings of your account. That’s no longer the case—you’ll now find those settings in Documents & printing, which makes a little more sense, given that this information would be showing up on the PDFs that are printed (or emailed) to your patients!

In Documents & printing, you’ll now see the addition of “Business details”—you’ll be able to specify what you want to include on your invoices, payments, and account statements. The original options (contact information and extra business information) are still there, but you’ll see some new additions—business name, address, and registration number. These options will be pulled from your main business settings, so if you opt to include them on the printed versions of your invoices and payments, whatever you’ve set up in your business settings will show up!

Below is an example of what the newly-modified Documents & printing page looks like with the addition of the business settings:

Certain elements will still be available in the invoice settings—primarily the ability to show the patient’s date of birth, next appointment time, any offer text, and default invoice notes. Here’s what the invoice settings page looks like now:

:point_up:Note: anything added to either the Invoice settings or Documents & printing settings will only show up on PDFs of invoices, payment receipts, and account statements—you won’t see it reflected when looking at the invoice in the browser, in Cliniko.

This change should make things a little more cohesive when it comes to selecting what displays on the financial statements your patients see! :sparkles:

As always, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help!

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