Changes to the online payments integration

We’ve made a couple of changes to the online payments integration! The functionality is still the same (well, it’s actually a little more flexible—we’ll explain more!), but the location of where you initially connect Cliniko to Stripe (the online payment provider) has moved from the “Finances” section of the settings to the “Integrations” section.

Also, to select which appointment types can take online payments, you’ll now want to head to the individual appointment type settings. (Previously, you would have selected which appointment types took online payments in the online payment settings.)

:point_up:Note: one important thing to note about this is that you can now require or allow payments on a per appointment type basis—previously it was a bit of an “all or nothing” thing (so all appointment types would either have to require payment, or just allow payment without it being fully enforced). Now, you can specify which appointment types will absolutely require payment before booking, but you can leave other appointment types a little more flexible! We’ll explain below.

Within each appointment type, at the bottom, you’ll see an area called “Online payments”:

From there, you can select whether online payments will be disabled, allowed, or required:

As mentioned, because these online payment settings are now per appointment type, you can be quite picky (if you’d like) about which ones require payment, and which ones you will allow (but not necessarily require) payment for prior booking.

And finally, you’ll be able to easily see which appointment types have online payments enabled thanks to a little “flag” next to the relevant ones in your main list of appointment types:

If you were already integrated with Stripe for online payments, these changes won’t affect your current integration or setup. The process has simply been streamlined a little bit more!

As always, if you have any questions, we’re happy to help!


Thanks - but when will you connect Stripe payments for payments in or after a session? This is way more important (if you look at the forums) than paying in advance.


Hi @Jem, that’s something we’re still working on. I don’t have an ETA, but we know how important it is. We’ll definitely share news about it when it’s available!


Hi team!

Amazing addition. Any plans to implement partial payments for appointments? We’re waiting on the ability to choose an amount to pay prior (eg. cancellation fee) in order for patients to be able to claim the difference on private health once in practice.


This is something we would be interested in as well

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This is superb - exactly what I’ve needed. It’s really only new clients who cancel late or no-show, so making just their appts payment-in-advance in spot on. Thanks Clinko!


Hey, @D.C Things like discounts, partial payments/deposits, and packages are all things we’d like to tackle, but are also somewhat dependent on first adding the ability to take payments from within Cliniko, and not just at the time of booking.

Taking payments at other times is also higher on the priority list, so it’s likely that we’ll be able to start looking at those other options once we’ve added the ability to take payment from the app :+1:

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Taking payments within the app would be so good. This is the only thing that stops me recommending cliniko to everyone.

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Yep Definitely needed for deposits :grinning:

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yes really need partial payment. We like to take 50% payment at time of online booking - so then when they are in clinic we can swipe their private health and then charge the remaining fee.

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Great addition! A payment link in invoices would also be fantastic. Hopefully this is something we will be able to offer clients soon.

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