Changes to the online booking process

The way your patients experience online bookings is slightly changing, and it’s for an exciting reason! It’s in preparation for taking payments at the time of booking online! :tada: :hugs:

Yep, you read it correctly. Taking payment at the time of booking is happening—and soon!

With these new changes, everything looks pretty much the same, with a few modifications:

  • There’s no more “notecard” summary that shows up at the bottom of the page.
  • The “Powered by Cliniko” badge isn’t as visible as it was before.
  • The page where patients fill out their information looks a little bit different, and before they book, they’ll have the chance to make any final changes. Plus, they’ll also have a chance to review everything before actually confirming the booking.

From left to right, using an example where multiple clinics are available for booking:

The old front page vs. the new front page (no summary notecard, smaller “Powered by Cliniko” link):

The old patient details page vs. the new patient details page:

Notably, before a patient confirms anything, they’ll have a “Review & book” page where they’ll also have the option to change any part of their booking:

:point_up: However! If you’re using the bookings URL builder to customise your bookings page, those “Change” links won’t be shown for anything that has been pre-selected via the builder (such as the location, services, or practitioner).

The booking summary that a patient sees upon actually booking their appointment looks the same!

Online bookings will work just like they always have! :muscle: As mentioned, these changes are in preparation for online payments—and we can’t wait to share more details on those soon! :hugs:


With the option to pay online. Is this something you can ask specific clients to do - like new clients, does it do it for all of them each time or just can allocate for a new client? can you opt out of it? also choose who has to pay online as well as how does this work for hicaps / private health claims?

Will there be an option for clients who use your new telehealth service to pay at the end of an appointment?

Medicare require billing to only occur AFTER the service has been provided.

Hi @emily I am looking forward to clients making online bookings for a telehealth consultation. However, not having multiple invitees in the initial roll-out is a constraint. Take for example separated families in a counselling environment; this may require 2 invitees. Do you have any recommended workaround for this scenario when the initial telehealth capability is rolled out?

We don’t have a recommended scenario for a multi-invitee telehealth appointment at the time of launch, unfortunately—the “rooms” can currently only support two parties (the host, which is the practitioner, and the invitee, which is the patient).

However, allowing for multiple “guests” in one room is definitely on our agenda of features, and we’ll be working on adding things in over the coming days and weeks. We’ll let everyone know as new things are added!

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