Changes to the diary to make it MUCH easier to use

Currently looking for an appointment for Saturday at 11:20 for example is really quite difficult when the times are all on the left side and only the top of the hour. Tracking a line across 5 other days is really quite difficult
There must be a way to add times to the available slots to make the diary much more users friendly. such as in this example


Love this idea and it can’t be difficult to do it. If we can hide the name of the patient in the calendar this can be another option :+1:


Hi @Lia. Do you know there’s a HIDE NAMES button in the top right corner of the Appointments screen?

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Yes, I do. I did put it as an example that it can be done like this with the times. It will be useful to be able to see the time of the slot in the same way. I made lots of mistakes when I do the bookings because I’m not sure the time.

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Hi John
Yes! I’ve stuffed up so many times putting the appt in. I have to count the number of spaces and sometimes you are doing this on your phone which is harder with 52 year old eyes! Super frustrating, you then have to move the appt and text the client that it is at the time they asked for.

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