Changes to SMS system


Not sure if this has been requested previously - we would really love it if the SMS system could allow us more freedom to select our own group of patients to send messages to in the recipient field - the current parameters don’t work for us and we can’t see who the system selects which makes it hard to track for recalls as we don’t want to SMS all patients that haven’t been etc (the physios like to call some and sms others). Being able to create our own list of patients who we can see would be fantastic for so many reasons as we can use it for advertising and special offers etc also. We currently still use the SMS system on our old software in order to do this but would like to transfer over completely to Cliniko. It would also be really handy to be able to send SMS’s to people/numbers that aren’t on Cliniko as patients as we contact referrals that have been sent to us that aren’t yet patients on our system and we don’t want to add them until they come as this will affect our KPI’s.


Hi Taryn :wave: Great suggestion! Developments here might be a while off, as it isn’t something we are working on right now, but I like that idea. Thanks for the suggestion!