Changes to how HICAPS claims are processed

There are some new changes to how HICAPS claims are processed if you’re using the Medipass integration—things are now more streamlined! :tada:

:point_up:Note: This feature is currently available to Australian users only.

Previously, if you wanted to process a private health fund claim, you had to make sure that the patient in question existed in both Cliniko and Medipass—and that their details matched up exactly. Most of the time, this was fine, but a single rogue number or letter could really cause some problems.

Now, you no longer have to worry about also adding the patient into Medipass (though you certainly can if you want!).

Instead, when you enter payment for an invoice, you’ll simply see the option to select HICAPS (underneath Medicare):

From that point, you can select the practitioner that this claim is related to:

When you press “Process payment”, you’ll then be able to fill out the claim details and submit it. The patient will receive an SMS, which they’ll need to approve before the claim can be processed.

Once they do approve it, though, it will be logged in your Cliniko (and Medipass) account, and you’ll be able to see the claim status on both the invoice and the payment:

And that’s it—you’re done! :raised_hands:

As always, let us know if you have any questions. Happy claiming!

Does it work for healthpoint?

Does this mean a client doesn’t need to create an account the 1st time you send a payment request to them via Cliniko?

If so that is awesome, as that was always the biggest barrier to having people sign up is the time and potential issues some people encountered to do that (even though it was minimal for those who chose to)

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Hey @Greg - spot on! There doesn’t need to be any setup for the client/patient. You simply click the HICAPS button in the Cliniko invoice, a Medipass screen pops up where you can enter their health fund details for them (optional).

The client/patient receives a text message will all details prefilled and they can approve the benefit and gap! They can also choose to save their details for next time so it’s even simpler

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Doesnt seem to work if you have two provider numbers. Even though you can select which one the claim relates to when trying to claim with Bupa it came up with an error saying two provider numbers

Does this change anything with using the HICAPS Go app?

I’ve had issues with the SMS link sent via Medipass to iPhones where they are unable to proceed based on unavailable location settings, despite these being enabled.

The app seems to have less issues from my end :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i’ve had similar glitches that cause delays then giving up and not wanting to try. This sounds like it bypasses that portal and account creation though. Has me excited if it works!

I’ve had the same issue with the location setting, even when I can see that the client has approved their location to be used.

When the client receives this sms will they have to enter all their details as well? I’ve had a few client put approving through medipass sms as they have to enter all their details again (Email, address, private health and credit card details) when being sent a sms instead of using the HICAPS go app. Very time consuming for them.

Used this with a client who hadn’t used medipass before. Aside from the changed graphics etc on Cliniko relating to it the process was identical for the patient (still having to enter PHI card details on their phone - I swear i read that we could now do that at our end but that comment seems to be removed- as well as payment card details and personal details.

And a possible glitch - Another patient I have been using it on regularly who doesn’t have PHI it took extra steps to complete, then the payment was processed but didnt sync in Cliniko so I had to go to medipass to check the payment was processed nad then enter manually into CLiniko

There seems to be an issue with non claimable items.

previously I could send these no problem, now I get an error message that the item number (NDIS) isn’t recognised. I then have to go through a process of selecting Non-claimable item and insert the description

Theres an option to save the item but this doesn’t work and also when I try this, it doesn’t actually go to the screen to send the SMS so while it looks like it has sent, it hasn’t.

Then when doing it without saving the item it works (sends the SMS, payment received) but the payment isn’t entered into cliniko. The only way to know the yapyent worked is to log into medipass, see it listed there, then manually enter it.