Changes to how emails are sent from Cliniko!

Emails we send on your behalf will now be shown as coming from the specific clinic that they pertain to! :inbox_tray: :+1:

We’ve also changed the way that we actually send these emails, so deliverabilty rates will be much better. :hugs:

Why, you may ask? No more getting caught in those pesky spam folders because we’re sending to your patients on your behalf! :dancing_women:

How does this work?

Emails that get sent from your Cliniko account will now appear as “Your Clinic’s Name (via Cliniko)” in their inbox. Here’s an example of what that would look like:

We’ll be sending from a Cliniko email address, but the reply will go to whatever you specify.

And—here’s a new thing—you can have different “reply to” email addresses for different clinics! :tada: While you can have a default account-wide “reply to” address, you’ll be able to set up unique ones within your business settings:

This change will make sending emails from Cliniko a total breeze :wind_face: (plus, the less landing-in-spam, the better)!


I am not happy with the advertising “sent via Cliniko.” Is there a way to remove this? My clients are not concerned about the EMR I am using.

Unfortunately I just tested and this does not seem to change the major problem that wrong email addresses do not get flagged. Normally with email, if a client gives the wrong email or (heaven forbid) someone mistypes it, there is a bounceback notification so you know it was not received and you can check for the correct address.

But with Cliniko… nothing. No sign anything is wrong. The communication log simply says it was sent successfully! This is very misleading.

And we end up with confused clients who don’t know what to do about coming for their appointment. They haven’t filled out their forms, and it’s a real pain.

There is a separate thread covering this in Feature Requests. It was flagged last year, and I think it is really important.

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Hi @Msavory, I’m sorry for the delayed reply here. I can understand that your clients may not care whether or not Cliniko is mentioned in the emails they receive; I would like to explain why this change was made, however.

The intention is not for branding or marketing of Cliniko in any way. We would not do that, and there is no reason for us to market anything to your clients (they are not our main audience!).

We needed to change how we send emails because we hadn’t been doing it quite right before. When we send an email on your behalf, what occurs is that on the recipient’s end (i.e. your client), it looks like it’s coming from you, but in reality, it’s coming from us—“via Cliniko”, so to speak. Not including our name wasn’t the best practice for a few reasons; mainly, many email providers would think that the message looked suspicious, and would send it directly to the spam folder (meaning the client would never even see it unless they checked there).

Changing it to include “via Cliniko” means that those email providers are less likely to see the incoming message as a problem and therefore send it straight to spam; it also means that your clients will be able to clearly see that the message is not directly from you. Many people will add new contacts to their address book, and if they had added (which is what, for example, an appointment reminder would actually have come from, even though it looked like it was coming from you directly because your clinic name would have been listed as the “name” of the sender), they may have tried to directly email that address—and it would have come to us, not you. (This wouldn’t be ideal, and would be far less ideal if they tried to email potentially confidential information.) Having “via Cliniko” as a part of the incoming email should hopefully alert them that the address is not actually yours, and prompt them to email you directly.

Hopefully this helps to explain why we made this change—if you did have any other questions or concerns, however, please let us know.


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Dear Emily

I have to agree with Msavory and Liquid but I do understand the reason for the change. Interestingly my patients have not been complaining that my emails were going to the spam folder but maybe don’t about it.

I also agreed with you that the email function is Cliniko is weak. I tend not to use the email function for anything but appointment confirmations, given that everyone is routed though your 3rd part email providers’ servers. Not terribly GPR!

I am sure I speak for all your Cliniko users that we are desperate for an email encryption system so that I can send patient letters directly from Cliniko and be GDPR compliant. At the least, being able to integrate Cliniko with our own individual email providers, better than your unknown 3rds party providers. Other inline EPR’s seem to have both the above. I have no doubt that such a solution is a couple of hours of coding for your clever developers.

Please make email security a priority, above that of changing colour and introducing a new way of documenting patient gender!

Many thanks

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