Changes to how deleted data exports are viewed

When a data export is deleted, you will now be able to see that this happened! (Previously, there was no way to tell—it simply wasn’t in the list of exports that had been created.)

Now, there will be an indication that the export was deleted, and on what day (and time). This will show up under the “File” header, which would normally have a link to the export. You’ll see something like this, where it will indicate the export was deleted:

Individual exported files will still show up as links you can download (unless they’ve expired).

This will make things easier if you need to see if an export was deleted—in the past, you had to reach out to Cliniko’s support team if you needed a record of deleted exports. Now it’s much simpler to see if and when something is gone!

As always, if you have any questions, just reach out to our support team—we’re here to help!