Changes to how dashboard message replies are created

We’ve made a little tweak dashboard replies! :spiral_notepad: Previously, if you wanted to reply to something, you’d see a little box that simply said “Write a reply” with the text field already opened, like this:

To actually reply, you’d have to hit the “Enter” or “Return” key after typing your response—and while that usually worked, it wasn’t always super intutive, especially on mobile devices—in fact, sometimes it just plain didn’t work. :cry:

To remedy this and make things easier, you’ll now see a link that says “Write a reply”:

When you select that, the reply field will expand—so you can type your message, and then confirm that you want to post it by hitting the “Post reply” button:

And here’s a quick little demo to show you how it works:

:point_up:Note: You can still hit the “Enter” or “Return” key to post, but this new button makes things a little more clear!

Happy replying! :writing_hand: