Changes to how archived patients display in the main “Patients” list

Archived patients are now hidden within the main “Patients” list, but you’re still able to view them if you want. While they will no longer show up automatically, you can display them very easily—we’ll walk you through the steps.

You’ll see a little checkbox that says “Show archived patients”—this will, by default, not be ticked, so you’ll only see active patients:

However, if you’d like to also display archived patients, all you need to do is tick that box, and their names will show up in light grey:

If you tick the box, it will “remember” the setting, and show archived patients no matter what page you’re on.

This should help to make at-a-glance views of that list easier, especially if you’re only looking for active patients.

As always, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help!