Changes to External Calendar URLs


If you’ve linked your Cliniko calendar to an external calendar, you’ll want to update your calendar URL before December 1st! :spiral_calendar:

We’re making some behind-the-scenes changes to improve security of these URLs, and all old ones will expire on December 1st, 2018. All you’ll need to do is generate a new calendar link between now and then and pop this into your external calendar!

If you head into your user settings and check out the external calendar area, you’ll now see this:

Click that “Enable external calendar” button to generate your new URL:

Copy that URL, and paste it into whatever external calendar program you’re using!

If you head back into your user settings, you’ll be able to disable the external calendar, but you won’t see the actual calendar URL (previously, you were able to):

As always, if there are any questions on any of this, our friendly support team can help out! :speech_balloon:

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