Change of appointment email


I would really like to use a different letter type when rescheduling patients appointments, currently if i change an appointment the patient will get the standard 'you have an appt on …‘
i would like that if the appt is rescheduled that the letter/email reads something like ’ your appointment has been rescheduled and is now on…’

is this possible? anyone out there would like to see this too?


Hi @steph! It’s not possible currently but I think it would make sense to have a “Rescheduled” email template/option instead of the “Confirmation Email” with the updated information present (as I can see some patients not realizing that the information has been changed since the last Confirmation Email). Great request!


This is a great idea! It would be very useful…


I agree this would be super helpful. Could we also add to this request an email that goes to clients when an appointment has been cancelled?