Change logs for invoices and payments

Similar to appointment logs, invoices and payments now have their very own change logs! :raised_hands:

On any invoice, you’ll find a link to the change log:

Which will show you something like this:

Similarly, on any payment, you can access the payment change log:

And you’ll be able to see any activity surrounding that payment:


These logs can serve as a “digital paper trail” and will help you to see the who/what/when of any changes made to invoices and/or payments!

As always, if you have any questions, our support team will be able to help out! :hugs:

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Is there any chance of having whether or not an invoice has been emailed out, added to the invoice logs. This would be great to be able to track the flow of the invoice through to the client.

For instance:

Emma Gray sent this invoice to (Email Address) on 23 Nov 2018, 1:15PM

I can definitely pass the suggestion along to the team! :smiley: While the record of an email can be traced through the Communications log, I can see how it would be handy to have it all in one place. Thanks for the suggestion!

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