Change Calendar from a specific date

While it is good that the system is live, I want to change the time of my appointments from 15mins to 20mins from a specific time in the future. Currently this is not possible to do.
If I change the existing appointments to be 20mins, and I have a cancellation for a 15min appointment, then that space can’t be filled again as the time won’t fit.

I don’t have dedicated reception staff (they do my appointments around a very busy GP practice) so my practice is not a priority. They would not be able to spend the time altering times etc so making the calendar change from a specific date in future would be good. (or allow a second practitioner at no cost while the change happened so the new time frames could be made in the 2nd practitioner from a specific date)

Please can this feature be considered. When lockdown ended in the UK I had to change 5 practitioners appointment times from an hour back to 40 mins. As we are booked up so far in advance we had a few months of appointment times not matching up with the new times and our receptionists having to manually check a paper schedule for when they could book in patients. We also had to phone patients and change appointment times so it would match up with the new diary. This was a massive headache.

If we could have an option to ‘times change from a certain day’, it would have saved us so much time and confusion. This may help our Australian colleagues when they come out of lockdown and have to change hundreds of appointments.

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Thank you very much for posting this scenario. It would be so much simpler to have the template that changes from a specific time/day in the future wouldn’t it?