CFone VoIP Phone integration with Caller ID Pop UP


We all lead busy lives

Wouldn’t it be helpful if someone could simplify things a little.?

Well CFone can Help You.

Your receptionists are multi talented people. They check emails, make bookings, deal with all sorts of patients requests, calendar changes, diary appointments, answer the phone and so much more.

"Well we have made answering the phone and finding patients so much easier ! "

With CFone’s caller ID, finding patients and or adding new ones to Cliniko is so simple.

Existing patients are recognised by name and number and their details conveniently and discretely pop up in the corner of your screen, much the same way a new email notification arrives.

When the call is answered, simply click the incoming callers name and number and they are instantly retrieved using Cliniko’s search.

Finding patients records is now so easy, quick and more convenient than ever before. No more mis-typed numbers or patients who don’t know their own number.

Every call that is received is displayed and quickly found or added as a new patient.

No more mistakes, no more double records and all patients are quickly found at a single mouse CLICK!

Want to know more about this great feature and how CFone can help you take more calls more easily.

Call us on 0208 573 1177 and ask for CFone’s Cliniko integration.