Certain Time Selection for Online Booking (On the hour)


It would be great if users could have the capability for only certain time blocks to appear on individual practitioner online booking profiles. For example, patients can only book RMT 60min appointments on the hour vs. patients being able to book any 5 minute start interval that’s available.

We are starting to get all these wonky online bookings of 4:35, 4:10, etc. Our clinic is losing revenue and time slots due to this!


Hey there team,

This should be arranged right now! We use the “Default Appointment Type” found on each Practitioner’s page to decide the length of time between each slot we offer online. This is a Practitioner-specific setting, so that the RMT can have a Default with a duration of 60 minutes, and other practitioners can have different Defaults!

Setting it up with an Appointment Type that has a duration of 60 minutes would mean that we only offer appointments online every 60 minutes.

Let me know if you have any more questions about that one,


Just a heads up, since this isn’t a feature request, I’ve just moved it to our Discussions forum!



I think this was misunderstood. We currently have our RMT practitioner’s “Default Appointment Type” set to 60mins however, patients are still able to book times online not on the hour or half hour. For example, we had a patient book a half hour massage at 7:15pm. Ideally, we would of liked for that individual to only see online available appointment slots on the hour or half hour vs. the 7:15pm for their half hour appointment. We are loosing out on revenue and fitting in as many patients as possible (especially 60 min appointments) when patients are allowed to book online this way. I believe this is an enhancement request. Other clinic software allows for this functionality.


Well, that shouldn’t be happening at all! I’d suggest giving us a chat about this, via Help->Chat With Us in Cliniko. We should be able to fix this up with you, so that quarter hour bookings don’t happen again!