Cases - limits on $ and or time, not just appointments

At the moment, cases can be limited to a number of appointments. A useful alternative would be to limit cases to a dollar amount (a client can book appointments until their $ limit is used up), or time (a client can book appointments until their ‘stock of time’ is used up).

  • Tim

This would be really helpful for NDIS clients!

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And iCare/LTCS clients.

Agreed Tim! Would also be great if we could see more details of each Case when clicking on a booking from the appointment screen. At the moment, all you can see is the Case name and number of visits to date. I’d really like to see the maximum number of visits, and the start/expiry dates. While I can find this by clicking on the Case, then clicking 3 more times to return to the booking, it would be more efficient if the information was immediately available.

I agree - this would really help us manage our NDIS funding, giving us plenty of notice about when families were going to run out of funding, and what they had left for doing reporting with.