Case variables in letter templates - Medicare letters

Every mental health AHP registered with Medicare has to write letters to GPs with statements such as “I have seen Mx Surname for X sessions since your referral over the period StartDate to EndDate.”

It would be really helpful if we could populate that sentence in a template with CASE fields like:
CaseLastSessionNumber e.g. 6
CaseFirstSessionDate e.g. 01 Feb 2021
CaseFinalSessionDate e.g. 07 Aug 2021

This would save us having to copy these details from a separate Appointments or Client Details tab. Since they’re variables you already record, it shouldn’t be too hard.


I should add, that’s not only for Medicare letters. Letters to lawyers, referrers in non-Medicare cases and also with insurers like Workcover and TAC who sometimes require a report after a fixed number of sessions.

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+1 - PLEASE sort out letters…

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Yes!! Would be so helpful if letters weren’t so manual

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I second Julian’s motion! I find it awkwardly difficult at the moment to write and send letters to referrers.