Cancelled and rescheduled appointments Visible on Left Bar of the Calendar

I would love it if we could see cancelled and rescheduled appointments visibly on the calendar (say left hand side at the bottom).

This gives me an idea of the movement that happened in the calendar that week without having to run reports!

This was a feature of Coreplus that I liked.



I agree. Particularly the rescheduled ones as you don’t get an auto email about it. Currently my admin manually make a list at the top of the shift and put this information in there but if it was automated things would be much easier.

Yes completely agree.

I did ask about this workflow during one of the Live Q&A sessions and I was told the solution is to generate a report.

But yes, an easier solution without having to generate a report would make the whole workflow better.

Yes but that missed appointment report does not include rescheduled appointments.

This would be extremely beneficial both on a daily basis but more importantly weekly as we run reports.

Yes, I agree. This would be really useful