Cancelled and rescheduled appointments Visible on Left Bar of the Calendar

I would love it if we could see cancelled and rescheduled appointments visibly on the calendar (say left hand side at the bottom).

This gives me an idea of the movement that happened in the calendar that week without having to run reports!

This was a feature of Coreplus that I liked.



I agree. Particularly the rescheduled ones as you don’t get an auto email about it. Currently my admin manually make a list at the top of the shift and put this information in there but if it was automated things would be much easier.

Yes completely agree.

I did ask about this workflow during one of the Live Q&A sessions and I was told the solution is to generate a report.

But yes, an easier solution without having to generate a report would make the whole workflow better.

Yes but that missed appointment report does not include rescheduled appointments.

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This would be extremely beneficial both on a daily basis but more importantly weekly as we run reports.

Yes, I agree. This would be really useful

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Its more than just useful.

-If a patient cancels because they are in too much pain to get in, if the diagnosis needs to be revised to a pathology, if they have been made worse after treatment (by yourself or an associate) these are clinically important to follow up asap - not at the end of a week or month, when reports are run.

  • If there was a bereavement in the family, or an accident that means the patient cancelled, it is important as a caring profession we follow this up. It builds good patient relations.

  • Also there are those who rebook to avoid a late-notice cancellation fee; they then cancel the next booking within the cancelation period and so avoid the fee. We need to know who these people are, as they “hog” appointments denying others the chance to see you; and then they vacate the slot at the last minute possibly without payment. Other patients who need help could be denied.

Ideally there should be a red mark (or similar) in the original cancelled / rebooked appointment slot. When clicked it would show who that person was.

It is not practical to run a report each morning to see if a white space on the appointments diary was naturally left open or if it “holds” a cancelled appointment behind it. Clinicians naturally would like to contact any patient that cancels or rebooks “out of the blue” as good practice. Running a report to find this out is onerous at best, and prone to misses at worst. Not best practice!

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Agreed, its a vital part of patient care to be able to quickly see if patients are cancelled or rescheduled. Yes its on the reports, but in the middle of a fast past clinic, Practitioners need to see this fast all on one page without having to run reports.

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Recently a parent cancelled the baby’s appointment. I missed the email. The baby was actually taken to hospital ultimately as an emergency. The exchanges that took place between my clinic and parent was unpleasant. I didn’t know this, and the parent didn’t know I didn’t know this.

Could have been avoided if an indication on the diary could have been visible to us.

We all have over 80 - 100 emails a day.

We all know we don’t always read every email.

We all know we miss seeing an email at times.

My receptionist doesn’t know what cancellation emails have been sent to which clinician. How could she? She is in the dark and does her best.

Please please can this be fixed