Cancellation Notifications/Report for Office Staff

At our Myotherapy clinic, our receptionist manages all bookings. We have the system set to notify clinicians when a client cancels, however there is no way that cancellation notifications can be triggered to be sent through to our receptionist.
Often, clients will add a note to their cancellation eg: Have to cancel due to work, please rebook me for same day/time next week.
These messages are sometimes missed because clinicians are busy treating clients, and there is nowhere for office staff to view them.
It would streamline processes if there was either a Cancellation Report that could be run to show all cancellations within a set of parameters along with the comments stored against the cancellation, or if the Cancelled Appointment Notifications function could be extended to Administrators who are not practitioners.

I agree. Our receptionists really need to see this information in real time rather like a pop-up rather than have to run the missed appointments report to see what has happened behind the scenes.

I would love the patient to get a cancellation text too as more want confirmation that their appointment has been cancelled.

Absolutely agree! As i am the admin/reception staff member it is very frustrating!

Hi everyone,

Cliniq Apps 'Appointment Confirmation + ’ saves patient comments with rejections (cancellation requests) inside appointment notes for your staff and also sends an email to your staff. It also inputs confirmation of the appointment inside the appointment notes for you.

Please have a chat with us at We will help you.

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