Cancellation emails to clients

We are desperate for our clients to receive a confirmation email when they cancel an appointment as it causes so much uncertainty as to if it has been done or not.

If the staff get told of the cancelation why cant the client also get a cancellation email??

Does this affect anyone else? Would love to see if we can get this changed.


Hi @westcott, I’ve shared this with the team here! While clients do see a “cancellation screen” (if they cancel their own appointment online), they don’t get this same sort of confirmation if an appointment is manually cancelled by a staff member. I can see how this would be handy to reassure clients that their appointment has definitely been cancelled!



It is so important to keep our clients updated on the status of their appointment, even it has been cancelled, even more so sometimes, especially as we have a 24 hour cancellation policy…

A simple automated email, or even a manual button to send a cancellation email…

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Hi @sussexphysiopilates, a possible workaround (with the current absence of an automated cancellation email) could be to create a letter template specifically for cancellations. If someone calls up and cancels, whoever is handling that could use that template to send a quick email to the patient, directly from Cliniko, to let them know the appointment was indeed cancelled.

It’s certainly more manual than having it entirely automated, but the use of a premade template would hopefully eliminate enough steps to make it easier to send it off quickly. Perhaps that may be an option for the moment?



Cheers Emily,
While it is not automated, this is a good way of helping, thank you, but keep the pressure on for automation…

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Automation is the way to go with this one.

I was most embarrassed yesterday when a patient turned up for an appointment that was cancelled and rescheduled by me. She clearly hadn’t looked at her email for the correct day but it was nevertheless very embarrassing!

Cliniko : any idea when this might be on the agenda please (there are 5 threads talking about it going back to April 2019 :slight_smile: