Cancel an appointment, pop up to give option to add recall

When cancel an appointment, should get a pop up to give option to add recall


This would be brilliant


This would be great, a pop up or an automatic entry in to the recalls for 1-2 weeks.


Hi all, thanks for these suggestions! I’ve passed them onto our team here. We’ll certainly let people know if we make any changes like this to the cancellation process!



Hi all, this option is already available in Cliniq Apps. You can automatically re-call your cancelled and DNA patients. Not only that, it also takes care if they have a future booking or not, and will take them off the recall list if they book their appointment before the recall is scheduled.

a RECALL button right on the appt pop up would be so handy!
that way we could assign at the time of our appt that could link to an automated letter (like a confirmation or reminder) - it would save so much manual labour!