Calendar invites


One of our clients asked if we could send calendar invitations for appointments via Cliniko. This would be very helpful, especially for some of our more forgetful clients.

Good news, @NeavesandMenne! If you send your clients a Confirmation Email, you can set it up to where a calendar invite is automatically included :raised_hands:.

To do this: Head to Settings → Confirmation Emails and within each template you’ve created you’ll want to enable the Calendar Event setting. This will again attach a calendar invite to the email anytime you send a Confirmation Email :tada:

Just note there isn’t a way to add a calendar event to Reminders (SMS or Email) but hopefully the initial calendar invite sent during Confirmation Emails will help your forgetful clients.

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Hi Rachel.

Thank you for your assistance. I’ll give this a go.

Is there are way to create calendar invitations without sending an appointment confirmation email?

Without manually creating a calendar invite via the calendar program of your choice, Confirmation Emails is currently the only way to send a calendar invite automatically.

Hi Rachel,

Great, thank you for your assistance.