Calendar app / Google Calendar sync

I would like a cliniko calendar app to quickly check my diary on my phone while in transit or the ability for cliniko to sync with my google calendar.

Hi @m1physio! You’re currently able to check Cliniko on your phone—you can “pin” it to your home screen so you can access it just like you would an app! The whole system will resize itself to fit the screen of your phone, so it’s easy to view when you’re on the go. This tutorial will walk you through how to set it up and easily access your account and calendar from your phone!

You’re also currently able to sync your Cliniko calendar with Google Calendar; we have some information on how to set that up here. It’s a one-way sync, so Cliniko appointments will be sent to your Google Calendar, but not the other way around (so anything that already lives in your Google Calendar won’t feed into Cliniko).

Let us know if you had any other questions!


Thanks Emily,

This was exactly what I needed.

Awesome, really glad to hear that! :slight_smile: