Business name rather than number on SMS


This may only be a UK but when the SMS reminders and messages go out they are from a mobile number (there are many different ones) rather than a business name. If it could be changed it would make the SMS feature so much better- at the moment I get a lot of confused patients not knowing who these messages are coming from.

Most other platforms allow business names so please change this Cliniko!


Hi Harry @avchiro! Thanks for a great suggestion. I agree it would improve the feel of the reminder feature! This is something we have discussed quite recently, but I’m afraid currently this isn’t possible. We’ll continue to be on the lookout for options here. In the meantime, it will be beneficial to include some brief detail as to who the reminder is from (ie your business name, or the practitioner name). You can alter your SMS reminder template at Settings → Communication → Appointment Reminders

Hope this helps!