Business addresses are no longer required at all if you're not displaying that clinic in online bookings

If you use online bookings, you may have noticed that you have the option to hide your clinic’s address—which is helpful if, for example, you’re offering telehealth appointments, so your patients wouldn’t need to know your physical address.

The issue was that we still required an address to be added to the business, no matter what—you just had the option to hide it. We’ve changed this, though, so that now, if you are not displaying the business in online bookings whatsoever, there will be no need to add an address, period. (In the past, you would not have been able to save business details at all without an address, but now, if you’re not showing it in online bookings, the “Display this business’s address in online bookings” area will be greyed out:

When saving the business details, you also won’t get any sort of error message stating you need to add the address (if the business is not being shown in online bookings).

As usual, let us know if you have any questions!