Bulk reconciling of payments

Is Cliniko going to add the ability to make bulk payments of invoices to their services in the near future? Most of our clients have NDIS funding and NDIS payments are made in bulk so we are looking for a system which allows us to record payments of several clients invoices at once. At the moment it is taking a very long time to reconcile our NDIS payments through Cliniko as we have to create payments for each individual invoice.



Yes this would be a useful feature.

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+1 - I requested this a while ago but haven’t heard anything yet. NDIS has definitely changed the way we get paid and recording batch payments is a necessity.

Honestly we just reconcile in Xero but the problem is those payments don’t flow back to Cliniko (2-Way Sync - Another request I made) which leaves all Cliniko Invoices marked as unpaid. My staff are just so used to client’s accounts looking like they owe thousands now. It’s frustrating cause if my team wants to know if someone owes something they need to ask me or the accounts team if there is an amount outstanding. We love cliniko but cause of this and other reasons we’re having to look into other solutions, we pay too much for basic features and it just doesn’t add up anymore.

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Being able to add more than one treatment to an invoice would be useful also. Workcover do not accept account statements.