Bulk Mark Invoices as Paid

With the roll out of the NDIS we’re finding that when we send our invoices off for the week to “Plan Managers” to be paid we often get a lump sum deposited into our bank accounts and remittance advice sent to us to confirm which invoices have been paid.

The most logical solution is to use xero to reconcile the payment using the Remittance that is sent through however at this stage payments only sync one way from Cliniko to Xero and do not sync back from Xero to Cliniko. The problem however is Cliniko shows the client still owes the outstanding invoices.

Ideally the main feature request would be “Two way Syncing” however I get that’s somewhat involved with Xero accreditation and all the rest. However an awesome simple solution for the interim would be an ability to bulk select (using checkboxes) in the invoices screen and then having a button at the top somewhere that says “Mark invoices as Paid” This feature can be reserved for Admin accounts only and essentially would just zero out the invoices to show that nothing is owed further.

Again the more ideal solution would be a two way sync but at least having an option to bulk write down invoices is definitely something that would solve a lot of headaches in our clinic and no doubt many others.


Would love to hear from the Cliniko team and their thoughts regarding invoice management within Cliniko? Maybe a short term solution could be, when on the invoice screen add a button called “Mark as Paid” so that when clicked the balance goes to $0.00 with this option only being available to the Book-keeper and Administrator user group.

We currently have tonnes of invoices that are fully paid in Xero but in Cliniko the outstanding balance is growing every day as payments don’t sync back from Xero to Cliniko