Bulk invoice function please

Thank you Cliniko for providing such a user friendly system and for the client experience you offer.

We would love to see a feature that allows us to provide one invoice for multiple services. Some clients seek one invoice at the end of the month or at the end of a treatment plan. We have provided an account statement in the past however the account statement does not have a single invoice number to allow the payer to enter it into their system. The account statement requires the payer to enter each individual invoice. If there could be a bulk invoice function and the allocation of one invoice that would be wonderful.

Thank you team :smile:


Thanks Becc fir asking this. We bill monthly and it be so helpful to have bulk invoicing, saving time for account processing by 75% as only one of 4 or 5 would need processing.


We would like the option to choose a date range and send (via email within the system) an itemised invoice to our clients so they can have one full invoice of there visits over a selected date range. Currently, if someone wanted invoices for their last 40 visits, it would take 80+ clicks to complete.


I would like to see this function as well.


I would really like this as well. I bill monthly and am not using Cliniko for billing because it’s too cumbersome. I would like each session to automatically register as unpaid when I mark attendance or DNAs. At the end of a month, or a select period of time, I could then view a list of unpaid sessions, choose the ones for the specific invoice/time period and press on a button to generate the invoice.

That kind of flexibility would be so so great!

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Yes, this feature is very necessary

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Hi Cliniko,

I totally agree, the function to send a single invoice document for multiple services/service dates would be very useful for clients that are billed monthly, or who do bulk payments.

The suggestion from a cliniko staff in the past suggested that we send an account statement between whichever dates they need as evidence for fees for multiple service dates.

However, my clients need to make private health insurance claims, and we need to make NDIS claims to plan-managing companies but they both DO NOT accept account statements and they specifically need invoices. Also some of our patients accumulate outstanding overdues over multiple sessions despite single invoices being sent per service date, so sending a reminder invoice with all the outstanding sessions dates listed with the grand total at the end is needed so that it’s clear which dates haven’t been paid is needed.

So it would be really wonderful if we have a feature for invoicing multiple services/service dates for 1 invoice.

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Please add this feature!

We have NDIS clients and insurers, we can’t just send invoices everyday and we can’t take payments up front.

Bulk invoicing would save us sooooo much time!! We are all busy business owners and going through a list of 100’s of appointments at the end of the month/fortnight is the worst!! Not to mention that it then messes up my uninvoiced appointment reports too. Currently going through every single appointment to invoice them for $0 and sending my bulk invoice from Xero, as they let me email multiple people.