Bug Fixes for Payment Summary Report


Our eagle-eyed users spotted several issues with our new Payment Summary Reports, and we’ve just finished addressing them. Chief among those bugs was a discrepancy between the data shown in the Payment Summary and Daily Payments reports. This happened because of a bug in the former that prevented it from showing payments that were still unallocated or that had been allocated to invoices without practitioners.

Another annoying issue involved business filtering: if you filtered your reports by business, the data would filter correctly, but the control at the top of the screen wouldn’t display the name of the selected business, showing “all businesses” instead!

Both of these issues have been fixed, and should trouble you no longer.



Hi, we weren’t getting payment summary/daily payment discrepancy… but we are now. Is this something that’ll sort itself out soon?


What’s going on with the discrepancy for you? This was fixed yesterday morning and we hadn’t had any reports of mismatching numbers since then, but if it’s back, that’s no good! Can you let us know what you’re seeing, or send us an email to support@cliniko.com? Thanks!


I feel this is a backwards step guys!


Hey Morgs, this isn’t how we want you to feel! I’d love to know more about why you feel this way! Is it to do with the format of the reports? The process to run them? Any additional information would be handy!



Hi Emily,
We’re getting issues with cash payments not always appearing on the payment summary. Also, sometimes when cash payments are put through, the little paid invoice icon doesn’t appear on the appointment.
Hope that makes sense!



Hi Amy!

With the cash payments not appearing on the summary, we might need more information! Would you be able to send us an email at support@cliniko.com so we can talk more? We may need some specific details about your account to check it out.

With regards to the icon on the appointment, this would be because the invoice didn’t get “linked” to the appointment. Often this can happen if it’s not created from the “Add payment” button on the appointment itself. When you create an invoice, you have the option to pick which appointment it’s linked to:

If you have “None” or the wrong appointment in there, it won’t show the symbol on the appointment you’d expect! But you can switch it by using the drop-down menu. Hopefully that helps in explaining this!

Please send us an email when you can about the Payment Summary report; I’d love to help you get this sorted out. :slight_smile:



Our attraction to Cliniko is its ease of use. The downside of this recent change from our perspective is that it makes the process more complicated and with many more steps. Payment Summary Reports are generated then need to be viewed then deleted. Too many extra steps with no conceviable benefit.

The other issue that I have voiced in other threads is the inability to create a report for only one specific practitioner. The report already summary tallies each separate practitioners information. Why can’t this be isolated within the settings before creating the report like it is done in other reports.


Hi Morgs,

I completely understand the perception of “No conceivable benefit”. Just simply adding steps to do the exact same thing isn’t particularly helpful!

The problem was that prior to adding those steps, many clinics couldn’t use this report. At all. It would load up for around 30 seconds, then time-out and crash. And so for all of these clinics, too few steps meant a completely unusable report. If you were one of the lucky smaller clinics that never saw this happens, consider yourself lucky!

We trialled many many different optimisations to try and simply make the report “faster”, but the results were consistently the same. Once you reached a certain peak, the report just would no longer work. And even worse, because the report is pulling on so much data, it was making other aspects of Cliniko break as well, such as logging in. This was the mysterious “503” errors that plagued us at the end of last year.

So in the end we rebuilt the report to run as a “background” task - one that can be done over a bit of time without worrying about the database (or anything else) timing out. As a result, the 503 errors have all but disappeared, which has been a massive boon to everyone!

As for your question about practitioners - I know that’s high on a lot of clinic’s wish-lists. Payments aren’t actually assigned to a practitioner at all, and so to create that table on the payment summary for practitioners is a bit of a complex process. We’re working our way towards making it easier to isolate payments per practitioner, but it’s not a something that we’re able to put together quickly. But again, I completely agree with the idea that it’s pretty important for many business!