Bug fix: reports printed via Firefox will no longer be cut off

If you use Firefox as your primary browser, you may have noticed that reports don’t always print nicely. Text near the edges would sometimes get cut off, resulting in only half a sentence or a column that was split in the wrong place. This was certainly less than helpful!

:point_up:Note: Even if you don’t use Firefox, this change might affect you. You may. need to readjust the margins of your reports when printing from Cliniko. Head over here to learn how to do that.

As a bit of background, it may help to have a bit of context around printing. :printer: Long story short, when printing a document from a web browser, the browser itself will set some “default” margins for documents. These can often be adjusted when you open the “print preview” screen, so if the default margins don’t suit and the document looks weird, you can modify the setup to your liking.

In some browsers, margins can’t be adjusted (this seems to be prevalent in some versions of Firefox). This was clashing with how some things were set up in Cliniko, as we had a specified “print margin” that was applied to all documents. In most cases it was fine, but for those of you who use Firefox, it was sometimes a headache!

We cannot make changes to Firefox itself (or to the settings of any browser), but we can control how documents are rendered from within Cliniko. What we did in this case was remove the specified print margin that’s set via Cliniko, so the margins are now “configured” entirely by your browser. (Basically, when your browser loads a document for printing, it will set everything up in a way that makes the most sense!)

Below you can see an example–on the left is a report with “bad” margins (printed via Firefox). The right indicates what it would look like with the change we’ve made:

This will fix the issues that resulted from trying to print on Firefox, so your reports should look better! As always, if you have any questions about this change, we’re available to help!