Browser now displays initials instead of full name


To help you know which tabs you have open, we have been appending the name of the patient in the browser tab:


Unfortunately, this meant that your browser history could include a list of your patient names. This could have been a way for people to find out your patients if they have access to your device, but not access to your Cliniko account.

To ensure that the browser tabs are still helpful, but not a possible vector of data leakage, we’ve now changed the full name to the patient’s initials:



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We Are not liking this feature wanted to know if there is a option to see full name. not a good feature if you have 3 people in the clinic at once and they have the same initials slow down subscribing.
Cheers Tracey


I can understand that it could slow things down (though it’s very unfortunate that you had three people all with the same initials at once!) and I’m very sorry that it’s not working out for you. We consider this to be a leak of the security of data though. Browser histories are stored in the browser, but tools like google even share those histories across devices - meaning someone with an unrelated device you use could get access to your patient list as well. We needed to close that vulnerability.