Broader Search functionality


When we go into the patient section it would be more useful to have a broader search function - for example with many patients living in certain areas, specific marketing drives can be done if we can search for an area…or street.
Would it be possible to broaden the search capacity in the patient section?



That’s a pretty fair suggestion @Glyn_Flutey. One thing to try out though is a data export. With that, you can see all your patients in Excel, then search/filter them any way you want. That will give you their contact information too so you can use it for marketing!



as an extension of this, being able to search the “communications” listings would be very helpful.

This area gets extremely clogged up with Appointments confirmation, appointment reminder, invoices sent, etc.

If I want to look back on say if a certain invoice was sent, bing able to search that number and cut the extra stuff would help clearly see when it was sent and if multiple times. Currently I can scroll down to the date of that appt and look around there, but that doesn’t quickly allow me to see if I have for example sent an unpaid invoice multiple times.

Alternatively an easy way to have attached to an invoice details of if/when that has been emailed and to who



You’re already able to search the communications by phone/email/patient name (give it a try if you haven’t already!), but was there something else you wanted to search by? A filter by type of communication?



when i am in a clients file and go the communications tab for listing history of communications with that client there is no search bar?

Are you referring to the clients list (ie searching for a clients name in that section)?

I mean when having a specific patient file open being able to sort the history of communications sent to see if a certain invoice has been sent, maybe when a letter was sent, etc. Rather than it being all lost amongst a see of records of appointment reminders that have been sent



Ah gotcha! That makes sense.

We haven’t added search bars to individual patient pages before, but for those patients who have been with us for a long time, I can see where that would be useful. Thanks for the suggestion!



even patients who haven’t would be handy

By the time theres appt confirmation, reminder and invoice sent it gets crowded quickly.
The main reason for its benefit would be to check if/when invoices have been sent (which may be once or multiple times on unpaid invoices) so if theres another way to do that it’d be just as handy