Booking next appointment -keep same type

When booking next appointment for a person, would be good if the appointment type would default to the type of appointment they just had, so we don’t have to go through the drop down list to find the appropriate appointment type.

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If you are using Cliniq Apps’ Hyper-recall mechanism. It does this for you. It also doesn’t ask the patient to provide any information (First name, last name, etc.). It only asks for time and date and books the appointment. Everything else is taken care of in the background.

There’s actually a way to do this within Cliniko currently, @Chiro13!

To book another appointment with the same Appointment Type already selected in the drop-down, head to the Patient’s File and use “Book Appointment” button:

You’ll then be prompted to select the appointment’s date and time but you’ll see the Appointment Type is automatically selected based on what they booked previously :raised_hands:

Video of this in action (warning: contains sound):

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions though, I am happy to assist!