Block Patients from Online Bookings


Occasionally we get patients we would not like to welcome back. It would be very useful for protecting our practitioners if we could block selected patients from booking online/block their email addresses.



:raised_hands: Amen! :pray: There was a post in the past about a black list even.



Oooh, that’s a good idea!

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We would also like this function, we have a few patients that we would rather book in ourselves for a number of reasons, so would like to be able to stop them from booking online.

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I’m wanting Cliniko to create an instant warning pop up box when clicking on a patients name for this purpose and others:

  • Ms X may not make an appointment at this clinic
  • not to be booked in with female practitioners
  • beware that patient is incontinent

etc etc



Great idea we have a few repeat offenders who book online and don’t show up. Once or twice is forgivable, but when it gets to five or six times and there is no way to stop it happening… very costly and frustrating!

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