Block Booking - Online appointments adjactent to existing appointments


I think this has been raised in the past but I haven’t been able to find any updates to it.

Online bookings should be limited to spots that are adjacent to appointments that already exist.
Leaving a 20 minute gap between an online booking and the existing booking when most of my appointments are 30 minutes long means that that spot will not be filled. Dead space in the calendar.

If I have a booking that finishes at 1pm and another that starts at 2pm the online booking should show 1pm and 1:40pm as the available slots for a 20 minute appointment. Instead it shows 1:pm and 1:20. This is incredibly frustrating as it inevitably leads to dead space in the calendar when the client/patient books the 1:20pm

PLEASE, can we please have a fix for this.

Thank you.