Birthday Notification/Symbol


Hi there, it would be great to have some sort of a symbol or note that shows up when it’s a patient’s birthday that’s visible across other areas of Cliniko than just when you actively click onto their patient profile.
Perhaps a Star symbol or something against their name when it’s the same month or same week as their birthday that shows wherever that patient name is, whether when searching in Patients, on their Patient page (which on the actual day of their birthday I know it does say it’s Joe Bloggs birthday today) or on the Appointments screen. This would be really helpful! When you have 1000’s on your database running a monthly report can be useful for larger scale communications etc - but something to draw your attention to their birthday would be great. Otherwise, a sporadic client might book in, come to their appointment, pay and leave and you might not have clicked into their profile and realised it’s their birthday, and having a printed list of monthly birthdays is much too large for us!



This is so simple yet genius.
Love it!

The same should be for credit or outstanding monies for clients.

This stuff is so helpful for all the teams, in everyday work, come on Cliniko…