Billing for partial hours



We sometimes use the billing for hourly rates. It would be useful to be able to bill for time that is less than (or more than depending on how you roll) an hour, say 30 min as .5 hrs or something along those lines. As it is now, we have to create separate items in order to bill properly, otherwise the invoice appears as though we are giving a discount, when we are not doing so. Making our item list more cumbersome.

This is important to note it is not a discount, because when the invoices are moved to an accounting platform, a discount is noted as something entirely different than money earned for tax purposes.

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Hi Luke!

As a work around for this you could change that billable item to a smaller increment of time with the price adjusted to reflect that. Say, set the billable item up for 15 minutes and then on the invoice when you’re billing for an hour and a half you would set the quantity to 6. Would that work for you?

Tim :smiley:


Hi Tim,

Of course that is one work around, but it does make for a long item list. I
know that Cliniko can do the math (if I type in 5.5, it calculates
appropriately), but there is an issue on the backend that doesn’t allow for
saving of the invoice. Perhaps rather than work around, in the future there
could be an allowance for partial times.

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